A Thank You

Thank you for teaching me manners.

Thank you for teaching me not to judge people by the color of their skin.

Thank you for teaching me that a person has a right to love whoever they want – no matter what gender or sex.

Thank you for teaching me the importance of sitting around the family table for a homemade dinner without phones and having that precious family time.

Thank you for everything you sacrificed for me – from the 5 am morning drives to soccer tournaments to paying for 13 years of a Catholic School education.

Thank you for making me do chores and teaching me how to basic duties around the household.

Thank you for teaching me about responsibilities.

Thank you for trusting me enough to borrow the family car.

Thank you for making me work and pay for my own purchases.

Thank you for teaching me the rewards of adopting a pet from a shelter instead of buying one from the store.

Thank you for letting me live at home in college so I could save money by commuting.

Thank you for forcing me to live at college my freshman year so I could at least have one year of the “college experience”.

Thank you for never completely sheltering me – there are some things that kids should never be exposed to but you never made me naive to the world and all the bad things that happen in it.

Thank you for being at every sporting event that you could.

Thank you for everything you given up for me – the time, the money, the patience.

Thank you for taking me different places as a child – from all around the city, to the beach, to different states, to other countries. You instilled my love for traveling from an early age and for that I will always be thankful.

Thank you for exposing me and educating me on other cultures growing up.

Thank you for making me be able to think for myself.

Thank you for teaching me to never start a fight but teaching me how to end one and fend for myself.

Thank you for letting me play boys sports when I was younger – I think I’ll forever have that grit.

Thank you for providing for our family the best you could even during the hard times.

Thank you for never giving up on our family and teaching me what a marriage means and how you work things despite everything against you.

Thank you for instilling in me what it means to be a family.

Thank you for the countless meals, the notes in the lunchbox as a child, and the daily good morning/I love you texts.

Thank you for all the advice you’ve given to me – even when I’m too stubborn to take it.

There is no way to properly repay you for everything you’ve given up and done for me over the years, just know that I have never taken any of it for granted. I will always be grateful for the unconditional love you’ve given to be and I will always be thankful for that.