Hi I’m Delaney! Welcome to my own little corner of the internet.

I recently graduated from Temple University with a degree in Biology and I’m currently taking a year off from school to work and travel. In June, I’ll be heading back to Temple to complete their 26 month Physician Assistant Program. (AKA I won’t have a life for 26 months – wooo!)

Although I’m super excited to begin my PA career, photography and videography have always been my most passionate hobbies. I got my first camera when I was in middle school and my first DSLR my sophomore year of high school. When I graduated college I bought my new baby (Nikon D5500) as a graduation present to myself and my parents were cool enough to buy me my first drone as an early Christmas present (DJI Spark).

Besides being a science and camera junkie, I’m a huge animal lover, food connoisseur, book worm, and fan of all sports. To make it simple – I’m a nerd.