Day 2: Blue Lagoon and Thingvellir National Park

Our second day started off super early, waking up at 6:30 am (2:30 am EST). We made a reservation for the Blue Lagoon – yes that sky blue natural hot spring that you always see pictures off. We made our reservation for 8 am a few weeks in advanced. If you know you’re going to visit the Blue Lagoon (you HAVE too – it’s amazing) make your reservation at least a month in advanced and make it for 8 am or 9 am. The Lagoon is practically empty that early and you’ll get a locker. Once 10 am comes around, the Lagoon gets packed. We left around 10:30 and everything was crowed, the locker rooms were full, there was a line for the showers, and we even heard from an employee that there was a party of 125 people coming on top of all of that. It’s not as enjoyable when it’s packed so go early so you can get dope pics like this where you can’t really see anyone in them.

You can purchase your ticket on their website ( We purchased the comfort package which included both face masks (algae and silica), a towel, and a free drink! You can purchase extra towels or bathrobes there. When you enter, you’ll meet people at the front desk. They give you a band that will give you access to everything including your locker and drinks – don’t lose it. Whenever you buy something, you use the bracelet to pay and at the end you pay the final amount on your bracelet at the register on your way out.

Silica face mask (white)

Algae Face Mask (green)

Before you enter the Lagoon, it’s required that you shower… naked. The showers have frosted glass that make it hard to see you and probably no one would be able to even tell if you actually took off your bathing suit or not if you’re self conscious. There is also free body wash and conditioner in the showers for you to use. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT LET YOUR HAIR GET WET IN THE LAGOON. The elements in the Lagoon dry it out and it’ll be feel gross and smell like sulfur for days. If you don’t know what sulfur smells like, it smells like farts. Gross but true so use the conditioner. When I left I had about half a pound of conditioner left in my hair to try and treat it.

There’s a swim up bar where you can get drinks – smoothies, wine, beer. I got a glass of white wine because it was 8:30 in the morning and why the hell not. With our package they give you two masks, one silica and one algae. I’ve always had the luck of being born with really good skin but oh my goodness the masks make your skin look flawless!! Just leave them on for as long as they recommends, it’s about 10 minutes. You won’t regret it. If you only purchase the Standard package, you’ll only receive the complimentary silica mask. Explore the whole blue lagoon – it’s huge, there’s a spa and sauna we didn’t go into. There’s also a small waterfall coming from the building that dumps water on top of you and surprisingly feels really refreshing. When you leave, there are have blow dryers for you to use. We only stayed until about 10:30 am and then got lunch at KFC. Yes we went to Iceland and got KFC and I’m telling you right now the chicken is better there than it is here. We were balling on a budget give me a break.

We went home and relaxed and then drove to Thingvellir National Park. Side note: Sunday night we went to Thingvellir to see the northern lights but it was too cloudy to see them so we left. So when we went Monday and it was sunny we could not believe what we missed in the dark. Driving into Thingvellir, the mountains are huge and the pictures we took don’t do it justice. We also got lucky enough to see not one but TWO rainbows on our drive there and we couldn’t believe it.

It’s about a 45 minute drive from Reykjavík to Thingvellir. We didn’t go into the park that far because the park is massive and we didn’t want to get stuck driving around after dark. There’s no street lights and the roads are narrow and 80% of the time on a cliff. A difficult drive for our little rental car. We went about 15 minutes into the park and parked on a pull off section and got these amazing views at sunset. If you have more time than us, you could easily dedicate a few hours and possibly even a day to explore the whole park.

Thingvellir has a very historical background in Iceland – it was the first parliament there. It also sits right on the two tectonic plates and you can actually scuba and swim in between them. If you’re really into the history of Iceland and aren’t crunched on time I 100% recommend doing a tour of the park. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, there’s also areas of the park where they shot parts of the show!

The drive into the park is also awesome for some pictures. The mountains, lakes, windy roads, and lack of cars can make for a spontaneous photo shoot.

Everyone that goes to Iceland should see the Blue Lagoon. It’s super touristy and expensive but it’s so worth it. I would go the day after you arrive in Iceland because it’s super relaxing after a day of traveling and you can unwind.

We traveled back to Thingvellir to also see the northern lights, I’ll be talking about that later but I’d tell everyone to go there. Even just driving through and admiring the views is enough especially because it’s in such a close proximity to Reykjavík!

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