What I’m All About

Hi I’m Delaney! Welcome to my own little corner of the internet.

I graduated from Temple University with a degree in Biology and I’m currently taking a back in school obtain a Masters in Physician Assistant studies (AKA I’m drowning in school work).

Although I’m super excited to begin my PA career, photography and videography have always been my most passionate hobbies. I got my first camera when I was in middle school and my first DSLR my sophomore year of high school. When I graduated college I bought my new baby (Nikon D5500) as a graduation present to myself and my parents were cool enough to buy me my first drone as an early Christmas present (DJI Spark).

When it comes down to it I love animals more than most humans, I’m a dude when it comes to sports, and I am truly addicted to buffalo chicken dip. I’m a huge advocate for traveling and traveling for cheap. One minute I’ll be rapping every word to Public Enemy and the next moment I’ll be bawling my eyes out to Sam Smith. I’ve never been able to do anything halfheartedly and I guess that can be a pro and a con in some ways.

I love meeting new people so if you need pictures, videos, or just want to say hi and talk about Game of Thrones I’m your gal!